Postdoctoral Researchers

MPFI is seeking postdoctoral researchers interested in joining a dedicated and collaborative team in pursuit of a better understanding of brain function, structure and development.

Our researchers are fascinated with the art of discovery, fostering a culture and philosophy that encourages and empowers curiosity and creativity and are committed to providing world-class training to tomorrow’s scientific leaders.

MPFI highlights

  • access to cutting-edge core facilities such as electron microscopy, mechanical engineering, molecular biology and light microscopy.
  • our South Florida campus is shared with Florida Atlantic University and Scripps Florida Research Institute, providing opportunities for collaboration and networking among postdocs and faculty
  • MPFI’s Postdoctoral Office, in partnership with MPFI’s Postdoctoral Association, offers postdoc researchers professional development opportunities, journal clubs, seminar series, social events and mentoring opportunities
  • MPFI research groups have over 70 ongoing scientific collaborations worldwide, state-of-the-art facilities and technologies and a world-renowned faculty

Current postdoctoral opportunities