Light Microscopy

Light Microscopy

Department Head:
Long Yan


Light Microscopy Core provides state-of-the-art technology for imaging living cells and tissues and collaborates with investigators to develop and implement novel imaging technologies.

Access to technology and expertise in fluorescence imaging is a critical need in advanced scientific research. Current fluorescence imaging instruments are expensive, complicated, and require continued maintenance and improvements. The complexity of the technology is often difficult to understand and hard for individual laboratories to adapt, especially when optical imaging is not their major focus. The facility meets this need for both investigators at MPFI, as well as those in the neighboring scientific community. Additionally, the Optical Workshop provides on-site services for individual laboratories such as consultation, installation, troubleshooting, modification, and training. The facility participates actively in MPFI’s high-school and undergraduate internship programs.


  • Operation of microscopes and image acquisition
  • Development and implementation of imaging techniques
  • Training and consultation


  • Zeiss LSM 880 Airy Scan Super Resolution and Zeiss LSM 780 confocal system
    • Systems equipped with 7 laser lines with 32 channel high efficient detectors to allow imaging one sample in multiple colors in parallel
  • Leica SP5 II resonant confocal system
    • Equipped with 6 lasers, 3 Hybrid PMTs and a resonance scanner to acquire high-speed fluorescence confocal images, allowing high-throughput generation of large 3D image stacks for use in 3D reconstructions
  • Prairie Moving In Vivo Multiphoton system